National Foundation Repair

National Foundation Repair

Serving you for over 50 years!

National Foundation Repair was established in 1949. Unlike many newcomers to the field, foundation repair is our only business and we are licensed, bonded and insured.

Throughout our history we have developed and perfected techniques and equipment to handle all types of foundation repair.

For over 50 years, thousands of satisfied homeowners, businesses, churches, municipalities and real estate professionals in your area have called on National Foundation Repair for their foundation repair needs.

How Can National Foundation Repair Help You?

Foundation failure is generally a slow, quiet process that can go undetected for years. Some signs are clear, such as cracks in the brick and Sheetrock as well as sticking doors and windows. But, some aren't - cracks in ceiling or ceramic floor tiles generally are not related to foundation failure. National Foundation Repair can determine if a foundation problem exists and recommend solutions if needed.


This warranty can satisfy the concerns of potential buyers and relieve the seller of some liabilities.


Our vast experience enables National Foundation Repair to assess the potential for future foundation problems. We know firsthand what time, weather and soil conditions do to certain foundation types and we know how to complete necessary repairs quickly and correctly.

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