Symptoms of Foundation Failure in your Lafayette, New Iberia & Alexandria, AL Home

Symptoms of Foundation Failure in your Lafayette, New Iberia & Alexandria, AL Home

Exterior of Home

Brick cracks in the walls
These are usually found above or below windows and doors. Pay close attention to the corners for any cracks in the brick veneer. The cracks normally look like stair steps. Examine the rest of the brick veneer for any cracks. Isolated cracks are very common and can be unrelated. If the brick veneer cracks travel all the way down to the foundation, look in the vicinity of where it meets the slab. If the slab is cracked from uneven settlement, you will often find it here.

Separation of the soffit molding or fascia
Look at every corner of the house where the brick meets the eave. If the foundation is settling unevenly, these items commonly separate as the leaning brick veneer applies pressure. These gaps are often caulked or filled when the trim is painted, so look carefully at the trimmed corners.

Separation between the brick veneer and adjacent doors and windows
As you face the windows and doors, check the sides of the frames to verify that the brick veneer fits snug against the aluminum or wood. Inconsistent separations or uneven gaps here are common symptoms. These areas are often caulked, so examine closely.

Interior of Home

Interior veneer cracks or stressed areas
Sheetrock cracks, especially around door and window framing. Wrinkled wallpaper.

Irregular doors and frames
Sticking or dragging doors which do not latch properly are common symptoms. Irregular gaps between the top of the door and frame. Any adjustment or modification of door assembly should be noted.

Slab cracks
Any crack large enough to show through flexible floor coverings could indicate reinforcement problems. Unusual separation between wood planks or tiles could indicate underlying cracks. Ceramic floor coverings are especially brittle and will often transmit hairline cracks from below.

Sloping or uneven floors

It's important to remember that any of the symptoms discussed here can have causes unrelated to foundation failure. However, a pattern of several of these symptoms can indicate a need for remedial repairs. Therefore, do not hesitate to call National Foundation Repair for a complete assessment of the situation.

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